About us

About us

Who we are

VIET HAI is founded by telecommunication experts who have been in industry for tens of year and used to be leaders of telecom carriers as well as service providers. The company provides engineering tools and professional consultancy services for players in convergence markets of Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Haiti, Tanzania, Cameroon, Mozambique, etc., including telecom operators, broadcasters and internet service providers. By maintaining good practices and investing into customers, Viet Hai Communication Inc. is one of the most successful and largest local consultancy and engineering services providers in South East Asia region.


Even though the company has long history and rich experiences from 1990s, our team instead is young and dynamic. In Viet Hai, we believe that the business can grow fast through:

  • Understanding and fast responding to clients’ needs;
  • Developing self competent on learning curve; and
  • Focusing to self-development and personal goal.