Business Supports

Business Supports

business_support01As an professional consultancy service company, we understand that our targets are supporting our client’s businesses. Whenever our clients can gain benefits and profitable businesses, then we can grow with clients and work with them in long term future. Then at Viet Hai, we care about every single detail from catering services up to business planning for cultivating our client’s successes. We help foreign and local companies in broadcast, telecommunication industry to enter the market at lowest costs and to archive highest returns.

Regardless who our clients are and where do they come from, we believe the opportunities are there and all of us are deserved to gain benefits by doing businesses or investing into Vietnam. With 15 years of experiences from the very beginning stage of country’s renovation in 1990s, our networking and expertises in telecommunication, broadcasting market would help our clients to reach their customers, approach relevant regulators and to build their networking relationship as large and strong as we already archived.

Our clients are including local and forreign invested new age Internet Service Providers, on-line enterpreneurs, Content Provider or SMS gateway/shortcode owners, etc. who believe that Vietnam is their next major market. We also helps SMEs to start-up their businesses and foreign suppliers to explore the opportunities. Contact us at for explainning your needs.

Our case study: Mobile content market penetration

2005, few fellows in IT technology invented a mobile gateway platform that can deliver fast and reliable mobile content services to market. They established a Mobile Content/ Gateway company in Vietnam and ask for Viet Hai’s consultancy service for cultivating their market penetration.

At first step, the Mobile Content company could not enter the market because of economical size barrier. They could not invest large because they were just starting entrepreneurs, and when their platform was small, they were denied by operators, broadcasters when approached.

With our network experiences, Viet Hai successfully convince industrial clients about new platform’s unique features – small but beautiful – that no other does  in the market. Within 02 years, our consultancy fee for the start-up business was about US$200,000, worth for the value of market penetration. Our client nowadays is the biggest and most successful Mobile Content company in Vietnam.