Engineering Services

Engineering Services

enginer_service01Working in a truely multi-nations environment with expat from North America, Europe and South East Asia regions, Viet Hai’s engineering staff draws upon first-hand experience ranging from early analogue to todays cutting-end designs. The theoretical knowledge gained from out country class Communication Universities plus the countless number of man years spent in the field enables us to offer services to all aspects of the radio, transmission and core network. Our experts, engineers have field-proven design, planning and optimization experience in all wireless mobile technologies. Viet Hais team of Engineering Service can provide complete network design services fast and efficiently. Engineering Services include:

  • Radio Network Roll-out
  • Network Architecture Design
  • Microwave Interconnection
  • Network & System Design
  • Cell Planning & Optimisation
  • Training Services
  • In-Building and Mobile & Infrastructure Installations

Use our expertise at the start of your network planning and you will soon reap the rewards of a project planned, equipped and installed by a professional company. Whether it is voice, data, wireless or mobile preparation, Viet Hai offer a genuine one-stop solution. Network Design and Audit from system conception to installation we are with you all the way. We can assist in assessing your requirement and provide the right product and installation services to maximise the performance of your terminals and ensure the project is completed on-time and within budget. Turnkey Planning, Surveying and Installation We define a turnkey project as the entire wireless systems used to transmit data and voice information from one location to another whether mobile-mobile or fixed-mobile. Our Engineers have been trained to work with a number of mobile products, including Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel, Huawei and others so you can be confident that our service will be of the highest quality, we guarantee it!

On-Site Capabilities:

We can provide on-site communications and project management expertise within a specified contractual agreement. If you need an engineer on-site/on-call to deal with daily issues, we can provide the service to meet your organisations individual requirements.

Project Management:

Viet Hai have a number of personnel experienced in project management who are able to coordinate all parties involved in a project. Our staff can guarantee you their total effort in meeting timescales, project milestone, satisfying health and safety requirements and performing as part of your team. Total product and service supply.

In addition to voice and data radio products and services, we also offer mearurement instruments, propagation model tuning and calibration, inbuiding coverage enhancement, site survey tools, from small to large scale of requirements. Changeout and migration for radio and transmission sofware tools and data. We can support all of your software de-installs, new installs, re-installs, re-programming and system migration, you can even have a Viet Hai staff member permanently on-site to carry them out for you, should you require it. Viet Hai have un-rivalled experience in the migration of conventional radio and tranmission planning software tools having installed for most of operators in Vietnam. All tasks are undertaken by agreed, timed appointment – virtually anywhere – giving the customer confidence that the services has been carried out sucessfully.


Viet Hai offer a range of maintenance facilities from their fully staffed and equipped service centre across Vietnam teritory. Regional engineering engineers are located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities. From this we offer you:

Mobile base station and ancillary maintenance and support
Fixed equipment and systems support and advice
Turnkey services including Project Management and Reporting Services

Competence Development:

On regular basis, our clients who are ASEAN leading Network Operators, awarded Viet Hai Communication Inc. new projects for Network Expansion Planning and Network Optimization. Since 2006 up to date, tens of thousands CDMA2000-1x/GSM/UMTS Base Transceiver Stations have been planned, optimized by our engineering service team, thousands customer database has been built for helping client’s business plan & direct marketing. One of reason for our success is Viet Hai’s focus on competence development program that always come together with all of Viet Hai’s projects, we also provide training services for our clients to develop their competence in field of wireless communication engineering for GSM, CMDA, WCDMA, LTE technologies with trainers that come from world leading consultancy companies who can provide training classes as well as on-thejob training services for our clients.

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Our case study: Network roll – out

A GSM wireless 2G/2.5G mobile operators want to penetrate the market quickly by roll-out over two thousands base station sites across Vietnam within eight months. We together with our principal supplier was assigned as major-contractor for cellular network planning works, including Technical Site Survey, LoS and SAR ranking works for BSS and Transmission. Because the project’s delivery time was short, there are over twenty Civil Work and Site Acquisition sub-contractors involved. The risks here are how to get over two thousands sites on-air quickly but keep the network quality in high standard, whereas many sub-contractors are even new comers in the industry. Using in-house ivProject management tool and maintaining a strong training team, who will instructs and supervise sub-contractors in continue manner. Viet Hai has successfully delivered one of fastest rolling-out project in the Asia Pacific region.