System Integrations

System Integrations

system-integration-contentSince 1998, Viet Hai involved in large scale System Integration projects whereas our clients needed us to supply equipment, hardware, software and engineering services in multi-vendors, multi-technologies environment. The System Integration department guarantees in-time delivery, quality and cost saving projects for supporting our client’s businesses during their critical period of time, such as transforming earth stations from analog to digital system, installing video contribution network for Olympic sport Games and international events, etc.

At Viet Hai, we make sure every employee’s specialised skills or knownledges are properly transfered to other. By maintaining company’s training system and good project management practices, we guarantee the success of our deliverable and manage the risks for clients. Intellectual properties are our capabilities to manage engineers and to do networking with experts, sub-contractors, principal suppliers internationally.

Our customers are including Vietnam International Telecommunication (VTI), Vietnam National Telecommunication (VTN), Ho Chi Minh Television (HTV), Vietnam Television (VTV) as well as Telstra Vietnam, Siemens, Alcatel subsidiaries in Vietnam.

Our Case Study: Video contribution network

2003, the country national transit and transmission company needed to build a video contribution network that bring video and audio signals from 40 locations back to IBC (International Broadcasting Center) for an international event. The client’s backbone in fact was not large enough for carrying over 40 video streams simultaneously and the project need to be complete very quick.

Our Viet Hai system integration team had worked in detail with client about video quality, delivery time and deadline for completion of the project. Network was design carefully with new multiplexing technology that allow video streams to be transported within smaller bandwidth. Trials were done and projects was delivered in-time, contributing to the success of national’s event.