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Software Tools


software-tool-contentThe “ivProject”, Viet Hai webbased project management tool has been widely used accross the country in various organisations. ivProject helps engineers and project managers to allocate their resources, to manage the costs, quality, to plan and communicate for control every single task of large scale projects that may involve thousands of resources in many different locations. The ivProject has proven its efficiency in project management and has been registered as Viet Hai’s intelectual property.


PMWebReport is a Web-base application built as a Report Engine allows:

  • Add, modify, delete reports without programming
  • Easily customize reports by changing the configuration.
  • Be able to show many reports at the same time like Excel tab
  • Supporting data displayed both in tabular format and chart format
  • Supporting functions to import data into report from Excel files and export report data to Excel file
  • Supporting data sorted and filtered according to each attribute data displayed on reports
  • Supporting highlights the value of data base on multiple  thresholds
  • Supporting the ability to customize reports linked together. From this report can easily view other related reports.

Base on PMWebReport we have deployed some projects successfully for our customers in Vietnam such as VMS, VNP and VNPT.

Office Management System (OMS)

OMS is a Web-base software use to manage  ISO documents  and automated functional work processes according to ISO workflow  therefore all daily work must follow required procedures and processed through the program. Manage work related to the operation of production activities for small and medium companies. This tool supports all staffs and employees in the company to track and report daily work reports.


An intelligent network (IN) is a network that provides specific technical capabilities or services outside the conventional network standard spectrum.  Many services in IN use different technologies and interfaces such as Telnet, Corba, GTP, SOAP, …

IN Gateway is a software system that allows:

  • Provide a single point of connection to all INs
  • Convert IN connection protocol. Allows software client to connect to any IN with one protocol.
  • Control all transactions to all INs
  • Automatic routing based on number of subscribers
  • Reduce direct connection from the business systems to INs
  • Unified protocol using IN
  • Reducing the burden of work in the business systems (because not many protocols used to work with different IN)
  • Provides centralized data reported
  • Cost savings to upgrade the client application when there is a change from the IN (upgrade, change the protocol, change the number of subscribers strips)
  • Reduce effort and operation of the monitoring INs
  • Reduce traffic from the client application to the IN (Reduce the load for the IN)
  • Ensure safety and security for IN

Here is the diagram describe the INGateway system:


Subscriber Service Management System (SSMS)

SSMS is a software system that does some work in between the IN and HLR system such as:

  • Automatically block or open services of the subscriber in HLR (services including voice, sms, data, call divert, etc..) under the conditions (eg subscriber recharge, subscription expired, subscription services, etc..)
  • Automatically delete the subscriber from the HLR when expired.
  • Get trigger requests from service NEIF in IN and send the corresponding command line to manage subscriber in HLR.
  • Provides centralized reporting system operational status of the subscribers in the HLR service. (Number of subscribers Active, Inact, Deact, Delete)
  • Support for IN and HLR systems. Reduce direct connections from these systems together to avoid complexity.
  • Provides centralized data reported.
  • Save the cost of building and upgrading systems on IN and HLR application to synchronize the management of subscriber services.
  • Reduce effort and operation of the monitoring HLR and IN systems
  • Reducing traffic from applications of IN to the HLR. Reduce the load on the HLR system.
  • Ensure safety and security for IN and HLR

Here is the diagram describe SSMS system: