Our Team

Our Team

Viet Hai

viethai01Established since 1996, Viet Hai Communication Inc. has over 80 employees, based at three offices in two cities.

The Viet Hai Communication Inc. group consists of Viet Thong Development & Services Ltd. (Insys) and Engineering Services Development & Trading Company Ltd. (Escom). The three companies in Viet Hai Group, together dominate engineering serivces section of telecommunication and broadcasting industries with annual revenue of over US$ 10M.

Viet Hai Communication Inc. is specialised in providing consultancy services for business modelling, technology strategy,
network planning and optimisation services. Its clients are mobile operators such as Vinaphone, MobiFone, Viettel, HT Mobile, Beeline Gtel; equipment vendors, broadcastors and international gateway service providers.

Its success case studies are including: large scale GSM 900/1800 and UMTS projects with cellular mobile operators;
market penetration and cultivation projects for Content Providers and Internet Service Providers.

More information about Viet Hai’s services are inside this web address.



technimex-jscTechnimex Jsc – is the Technique Import Export Corporation, founded in early 1990s as State-Own company, under Ministry of Science & Technology. In 2005, the company is privatized under Govt’ decision of privatizing state-own companies. Nowadays, Technimex Jsc annual revenue is about 400 billion Vietnam Dong (appx 20 million US Dollars) with 80+ employees with 4 offices in Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh cities. Technimex Jsc. is a leading company in Vietnam that provides:

  • Scientific and analytical equipment
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Cell planning & optimisation tools and services.

In ITC sector, Technimex’s customers are including almost (if not all) mobile and fixed operators in Vietnam, broadcasters, telecommunication regulators (PTQC, Frequency Departments), vendors and Installation & Commissioning companies.

In 2009, Viet Hai Communication Inc. acquired shares from Technimex’s Jsc and became the only Strategic Partner (organisation) of Technimex. Viet Hai Communication Inc. will help Technimex to develop competence and manage a Center of Telecommunication Services which will be leading engineering service provider in Vietnam for :

  • Repair and maintenance services of telecom equipment
  • Provide optimisation and planning services for wireless industry
  • Develop new technology solution for power and utilities.

Viet Thong

Businesspeople examining Blueprint in MeetingViet Thong Development & Services Ltd. (INSYS), a member of Viet Hai Communication Group, is the leading System Integrator for Video/Audio Contribution and Distribution Networks in Vietnam.

INSYS has been known as the major contractor for design, installation and commissioning of large scale projects such as South East Asia Games in Vietnam, international satellite earth stations, national transit gateways, etc.

Its customers are including of Vietnam International Telecommunication (VTI), Vietnam National Telecommunication (VTN), Viettel, Vietnam Television (VTV), Ho Chi Minh city Television and all other 64 local Radio & Television broadcastors throughout Vietnam.

Apart from those, Insys is also providing system integration services for MAN and CATV operators in Vietnam. More information about Insys can be find at www.insys.com.vn



escom01Established since 2006, Engineering Services Development & Trading Company Ltd. (Escom) firstly was Anritsu’s test & measurement equipment distributor in Vietnam. Up to date, Escom is one of largest testing equipment resellers in the market.

It provides full range of Test & Measurement equipment for all PSTN fixed and GSM/ CDMA/ Wimax/ UMTS operators. Escom’s catalogs are including AC/DC power supply testers, Fiber Optic, PDH/SDH/ATM/IP,GSM/CDMA basetransceiver testers, etc.

More information about Escom’s Test & Measurement equipment can be found at www.escom.com.vn