Planning Tools

Planning Tools

planning01Radio network planning remains an essential process for operators looking to make the most of their networks.

While LTE promises to increase network capacity, improve QoS and significantly enhance data rates, getting the most efficient network design whilst reducing the total cost of ownership, brings new design challenges.

Our world’s leading radio network planning tool is well placed to meet these challenges.

We have been engineered to facilitate the most demanding needs of today and tomorrow’s multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-operator mobile networks. Its advanced network design capabilities save both time and money during network deployment by automating time consuming tasks such as site configuration, traffic planning, network analysis, network dimensioning and parameter planning.

Radio planning is no longer a standalone business activity, a planning tool needs to connect to the wider OSS/BSS eco-system; Our tools allow seamless and reliable integration to systems such as inventory, site acquisition, site rollout, configuration management, performance management, and others. This sharing of data provides significant improvements in planning accuracy and drives greater business process efficiency.