CM Measurement

CM Measurement

planning02Successful management and expansion of a mobile network relies on having an accurate view of the actual network configuration, which is often quite different to what was initially planned.

Network visibility allows network expansions to be planned from a more accurate baseline leading to better designs. It also highlights network configuration discrepancies, allowing rectification and therefore a better performing network.

Our CM Measurement tool successfully addresses the above issues and in addition provides automated data transcript generation for parameter discrepancy resolution and greater network roll-out efficiency.

Configuration management tool that enables engineers to improve network quality by providing visibility to the live network configuration.

With automated loading of the live network configuration into the planning tool function, an engineer can be certain all optimisation changes have been fed back into the planning tool and they are planning network changes from a baseline that matches the live network. This leads to network designs which perform far better when they are implemented.

Network auditing is also greatly simplified. By comparing the live network configuration with the desired baseline this tool highlights configuration discrepancies, a primary cause of poor network performance, allowing engineers to easily correct the problems.

In addition to more accurate planning and simplified network auditing, our tool can generate parameter change and site integration transcript files. This automated approach is many times faster and more accurate than the standard manual approach generally employed leading to further operational efficiencies and better network performance.