Network Performance Management

Network Performance Management

optimization01As operators add additional technologies to their networks, the challenge of getting all these technologies to work together in the most optimal way as a single heterogeneous network becomes extremely complex.

To successfully manage a modern heterogeneous network requires an umbrella performance management system that covers all domains, technologies and vendors and presents a single harmonised view of the network. Our end-to-end performance management system is the perfect choice to meet these challenges.

By collecting data from the radio, transmission, core and VAS domains of wireless networks as well as IP and traditional wireline networks, this tool ensures it can report performance on any area of your heterogeneous network, including across multiple layers.

To further enrich this data our tool is able to easily integrate with your existing OSS/BSS eco-system to gather inventory data, fault management data and data from other valuable sources. Our software is also able to push data to existing business systems such as supplying summarised network performance data to business intelligence systems.

Large volumes of data are in themselves not valuable, ability to monitor, through dashboards and trending alarms, optimise, through reports and analysis packs, and troubleshoot, through its inspector which allows investigation down to counter level, ensures a user can quickly access the information they require at the detail level relevant to them.